Aus Eco Solutions was established in 2004 and offers customers environmentally focused services in conservation and land management projects.

Aus Eco Solutions brings together a team of dedicated and experienced people. Kristian Guppy is the founder and holds a DPI Commercial Operators License. The Aus Eco Solutions team includes a mix of people with financial, managerial, administrative and conservation and land management qualifications and experience. Our employees have relevant qualifications in Bachelor of Applied Science in Environmental Management, Conservation and Land Management (Diplomas and Certificates II, III & IV), DPI Agricultural Chemical User Permits (ACUP), chainsaw (fallers and crosscut), pest animal management, all terrain vehicle training, and first aid (level 2). Our employees also have significant experience in plant identification, particularly weeds and natives to ensure off-target damage is minimised.

Aus Eco Solutions has developed a pricing structure that represents value for the customer in terms of costs without compromising quality, environmental, safety and financial viability objectives.

Aus Eco Solutions is also a member of VECCI to ensure industrial relations requirements are met.
Superannuation requirements are met for the superannuation guarantee contributions through a default employer fund with AustralianSuper or specifically nominated employee superannuation funds.

Appropriate insurances are also held including $20M public liability, comprehensive vehicle insurances (PestShield) and work cover (workers compensation).

Our vision

Is to be the leading preserver of flora and fauna in Australia.

Our mission

Is to reverse the extinction rates of Australian flora and fauna species by 2020; and ensure no Australian flora or fauna species becomes extinct through mankind activities by 2070