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Vermin Control

Feral animals in Victoria are becoming increasingly problematic. The team of Aus Eco Solutions has been controlling pest species since 2004 using a variety of techniques for rabbits, foxes, cats and goats.

Fumigation & Compaction – this involves using fumitoxins within rabbit warrens in order to control rabbit populations. A smoke machine is used to identify all entrances to a warren prior to compacting them to ensure no escape or leakage from the toxins. The entrances are compacted tightly with the use of surrounding topsoil or fencing materials to prevent escape or entry inside. One hole is then left open to deposit the toxins and then quickly compacted. Fumigation generally requires two treatments. The initial treatment in order to gain a large kill-rate and a secondary treatment to address any escapees or rabbits entering from the outside back into the warren. Once fumigation is complete, it is wise to keep an eye on the larger warrens to look for any re-openings.

Ripping – extremely large warrens are often too immense to fumigate successfully. This is when ripping the entire warren up is the best solution. A large machine will be used to gain access to the site and the proposed warren will then be ripped completely to ensure no existing warren tunnels are still active. This will ultimately collapse the whole warren, trapping the rabbits underground.

Shooting – using our licensed, qualified, experienced and professional shooter we conduct pest animal shooting programs for feral species. Shooting programs have been successful in reducing the overall population of pest species in your area. We also incorporate free-feeds into the program if the targeted area is large, this draws in the pest species to one zone so they are therefore easier to control.

Long netting – used for rabbits, long netts are set up in specific areas around the infected areas. The rabbits are then scared into the nets by dogs/human presence and trapped in the net. The animals are then killed humanly and taken off site.

Ferreting – ferrets are great to use for getting rabbits out of tight places, such as warrens underneath houses or sheds, or any building location. They also chase the rabbits out of the burrows so they can be then caught in other mean using dogs, long netts or shooters.

Dingoes – dingoes are brilliant pest reduction tools. Dingoes can be used in fenced off reserves to reduce the number of foxes, cats and rabbits within an area. For more information regarding using dingoes as pest control incentives, contact out office and request for a project coordinator of the ”Working Dingoes Saving Wildlife” project to assist you with more information.