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Weed Control

Here at Aus Eco Solutions we provide a extensive and successful weed control program aiming to reduce the weed density within Victoria and reduce environmental, agricultural and noxious weeds from our region. We pride ourselves on producing high quality weed control services for our clients and perform free quotes prior to service.

Spot Spraying –
We conduct our spot spraying weed control with our 500L Quickspray Units attached to our 4WD Landcruiser rigs. Our hoses reach up to 200m so we are able to reach almost any area in almost any terrain. Spot spraying is ideal for moderately infested regions where the area is still salvageable from the weed infestation at hand.
Cutting and Painting –
This method is helpful in reducing the overall biomass of weeds within an area, or removing larger weed species. By cutting off the weed at its base and immediately painting over it with a neat solutions of chemical the weed will not grow back. The rest of the plant is then piled and usually burnt at an appropriate time.
Drilling and Filling –
Drilling a hole into a large weed tree species will kill it without having to remove the entire tree. The hole is then filled with neat chemical and the chemical is then trans-located up the trunk into all parts of the tree, killing it over time. The dead tree can then be removed at a later date.
Knapsacking –
More sensitive areas will required to be knapsacked to reduce the amount of over-spray or off target species damage to other native species. Using this method will give you more accurate kill rates and produce a more thorough rate of control.
Boom Control –
Using our ATV gator attached with our 400L boom spray unit with an arms reach of 10m large scaled heavily infested regions can be controlled in a quick and effective way. Boom spraying areas are only used in perfect weather conditions and achieve excellent results of control. The booms calibration is perfectly set for the different selections of weeds requiring control.