Testimonial - Stephen Curwood

Team Leader - Environmental & Roadside Projects

I am writing this reference to commend the services provided by Aus Eco Solutions. 

I have worked with Aus Eco Solutions over the past five or six years in my capacity as Land Management Officer with Wyndham City Council and more recently with VicRoads, as both Senior Environment Officer and Team Leader Environmental & Roadside Projects (for the last three years). In that time I have had the pleasure of engaging and working with Aus Eco Solutions on a variety of projects and have also observed their performance on other projects administered by my colleagues and other agencies within outer north western Melbourne. 

Of particular note has been Aus Eco Solutions work on the Gateway to Victoria Project: a landscape improvement project on the Tullamarine Freeway leading from the Melbourne Airport precinct. Their work here included  pruning and removal of dead vegetation; ground preparation and planting; and follow-up plant establishment maintenance. All components of their work were conducted as agreed with VicRoads and to the highest quality. Further, their ability to adhere to OH&S requirements (including traffic management) was exceptional. 

I have always found Aus Eco Solutions to be flexible and accommodating in their approach to works and could not fault them on this. Performance on the ground has importantly been matched by their capacity to deliver on the administrative side of projects/contracts. Submission of pre-commencement documentation for example, has always been prompt and the quality of submitted documentation has always been high. My colleagues and I have also found Aus Eco Solutions to be great communicators and their pro-active management of works has undoubtedly contributed to their overall success. 

I would commend Aus Eco Solutions highly to any landscaping or land management projects, and I would also note that they have previously sub-contracted some specialist aspects of works when they were unable to complete components  themselves. their management of sub-contractors has also been faultless.