Order Jim Frazier’s new autobiography

Need to think of a great Xmas gift? 

Order Jim Frazier’s new autobiography TODAY Wed 15 Dec, to receive a signed copy delivered in time for Christmas.
Jim, the boy from the Aussie bush, bent the laws of physics and created an Oscar winning lens system that would change cinematography forever. 🎥🎬
Jim filmed worldwide for Sir David Attenborough and creates crystal artworks owned by Oprah Winfrey & Hillary.
Our co-founder, Kerrie Guppy, has personally been inspired first hand by Jim’s devotion to making the impossible possible, as a member of his ‘Symphony of the Earth’ feature film team.
Jim has witnessed the destruction of complex ecosystems while travelling the world filming wildlife. Symphony of the Earth is a not-for-profit organisation with a mission to bring about a global shift in consciousness and awareness through the music and voice of all the creatures of the Earth. 🌏🎶
This book is Jim’s story… one of tenacity, brilliance and downright perseverance.