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Flora & Fauna Surveys

Whether you need to know how many rabbits you have on your property or want to know about the native plants present, Aus Eco Solutions can help! Our trained and experienced staff can perform full surveys for pest and native flora and fauna. We provide surveying services for both one-off surveys and long-term monitoring.

Flora Surveys

Our flora surveyors are experts in identifying species both native and exotic. We can produce percentage cover details, and even maps showing where species are located on your property, allowing easy and efficient management.

We use a variety of survey methods, dependent on the survey scale and requirements. A common survey method used is quadrats, where a number of small areas within the property are randomly selected, marked out and intensively surveyed. This gives a very good estimate of species and coverage of the overall area. This method is suitable for one-off surveys and is extensively used in long-term site monitoring activities.

Where a full area map of flora species coverage is required, we use a method where we break up the property into a number of small blocks. These blocks are then each surveyed individually. The results of these surveys are then combined to give a full map of the area, showing which areas contain the worst weed infestations or the best patches of native grasses.

We are also experts at surveys for particular species. This is useful when you suspect that your property may contain an endangered species, such as the Spiny Rice Flower (Pimelea spinescens subsp. spinescens), but aren’t sure. We can survey the whole area to find and mark any individuals present. This is often important where legislation requires the consideration of any threatened species that may be present on your property.



Fauna Surveys

Aus Eco Solutions are talented fauna surveyors. We are experienced at surveying for both native and introduced animals, utilising a variety of survey methods.

Spotlight surveys are ideal for seeing some of the most cryptic creatures living in an area, as well as being a great way to provide reliable estimates of rabbit populations. A survey typically involves entering an area at night, with either hand-held or vehicle mounted spotlights. This method is great for finding pest species such as foxes, deer and feral cats that are often difficult to spot during the day. This is also a good way to search for native nocturnal fauna which may be present. Rabbits are also easily found with spotlighting, as the survey takes place during the times when they are typically feeding. It’s important to know the size of a rabbit population when deciding how best to control it.

Warren surveys are another good way to estimate rabbit numbers. Finding and marking rabbit warrens in an area not only helps give an idea of the extent of the problem but is also an essential step in controlling the rabbits. See our Pest Control services for more options on pest control or call us for a free quote.

Native fauna surveys can use a variety of methods, in addition to those already listed. The survey method best used is highly dependent on the species being surveyed but may include such things as camera trapping, sand track pads, free feed baiting to identify fox populations as well as native species.