Spring Ecological Burn 2023

This Spring Aus Eco Solutions undertook an ecological burn on the Southern Zone of Edgars Creek in Epping. The overall objective of this burn was to burn the 1.2ha Southern Zone, to achieve the following:

  • Reduce vegetation biomass on the site
  • Promote native species diversity

This ecological burn will help to control invasive grass species, particularly Chilean Needle Grass (Nassella neesiana), Phalaris (Phalaris aquatica), as well as some other woody weed species, to make way for the native grasses (Stipa species. and Poa species) to thrive with less competition within this area. With less biomass these native grass species have a chance to thrive due to the inter-tussock spacing being opened up from the ecological burn.

A big thanks to the Field Ranger’s great work on the fire ground. If you require a prescribed burn plan and an experienced team to undertake the burn, please contact Aus Eco Solutions for a quote.