Aus Eco Solutions Working with Parks Victoria

Aus Eco Solutions have created an annual weed management plan to coincide with Parks Victoria formatted Environmental Managment Plan (EMP).

Aus Eco Solutions have been working on Parks Victoria site One Tree East in Quandong, south of Ballan Road, in preparation for it to become one of Victorias Grassland National Parks.

Our crews have been conducting extensive weed control works within various EPBC listed regions within the site to follow the Environmental Managment Plan for the area.

Two matters of national environmental significance are known to occur naturally at One Tree East, both of which are ecological communities:

  • Natural Temperate Grassland of the Victorian Volcanic Plain
  • Seasonal Herbaceous Wetlands (freshwater) of the Temperate Lowland Plains

The Grassland at One Tree East is a treeless grassland community occurring on heavy basalt terrain, dominated in intact stands by native tussock forming grasses of the genera Themeda, Poa, Rytidosperma and/or Austrostipa.

It also contains a variety of native herbs (notably daisies, Asteraceae), which may be dominant in some cases.

There are a number of Ecological Vegetation Classes (EVCs) within the One Tree East site that Aus Eco Solutions are focussing on. Some of these include, Plains Grassland (EVC 132), Stony Knoll Shrubland (EVC 649), Plains Grassy Wetland (EVC 125) and Creekline Tussock Grassland (EVC 654).

Australian Bluebell found growing in ‘Stony Knoll Shrubland’ (EVC 649)

By working on these outlined EVCs we can help to rehabilitate these sensitive areas of the Western Grassland Reserve in relation to the Environmental Management Plan and the weed management plan, and help to restore them to their natural state. In turn this will help to bring in native fauna to the reserve including reptiles, amphibians, birds and insects.

With the continued effort from Aus Eco Solutions and Parks Victoria this land can be reestablished into a more habitable ecosystem for our native flora and fauna.