Biodiversity Interactive Mapper

The Biodiversity Interactive Map is an easily accessible, free and very useful resource for both students and professionals in the environmental industry.

It can provide you with basic information regarding:

  • Native Vegetation
  • Biodiversity
  • Planning info
  • Highlight any threatened flora & fauna
  • Location of native wetlands
  • Marine and coastal info
  • Located areas of disturbance
  • Provide catchment info
  • Provide information on land classification

By zooming in on your target area of interest and turning on/off selective layers, you will end up with a printable low grain desktop assessment of the biodiversity of any given spot in the state. Perfect to help narrow down a region for on ground vegetation surveys, using maps as a reference in a university project or simply finding out a bit more about your own property.

Below are links to the Biodiversity Interactive Map and a PDF of useful user guide tips.

Biodiversity Interactive Map
Biodiversity Interactive Map Guide