Revegetation Planting

This planting season the Aus Eco Solutions team prepared a site North of Melbourne for revegetation using locally-sourced natives. The nature reserve is composed of grassland dominated by Silky Blue Grass (Dichanthium sericeum) and Allocasuarina woodland.
The aim of our planting was to re-establish and fortify the biodiversity within the reserve. As such, our planting included species not found at our site, as well as ones which were already present. We also hoped to stabilise the steeper areas of the site which are susceptible to erosion.
In preparation for revegetation, we sprayed all noxious weeds present and brushcut the areas to be planted.
Our plants were sourced from a local indigenous nursery and species planted included
  • Bothriochloa macra
  • Austrostipa scabra
  • Vittadinia cuneata
  • Kennedia prostrate
  • Atriplex semibaccata
  • Callitris glaucophylla
  • Melicytus dentata
  • Eucalyptus melliodora
  • Allocasuarina verticillata 
  • Acacia implexa.
Our team worked tirelessly on difficult and steep terrain to ensure the plants were watered, staked and guarded.
Aus eco look forward to seeing how the site is transformed by our hard work in the future.
Revegetation Planting