Bellarine Bayside Point Richards Flora and Fauna Reserve

Contracted by Bellarine Bayside Coastal Management Aus Eco Solutions was tasked with spraying weedy grasses, particularly; Panic Veldt Grass (Pittosporum undulatum), and woody weeds specifically Flax Leaf Broom (Genista linifolia) and Bone Seed (Chrysanthemoides monilifera) within the Point Richards Flora and Fauna Reserve.

The spraying occurred in two stages of spraying using a mix of knapsacks and rig spray guns. The first stage focused on the grasses, as they would be the first to flower and go to seed, we wanted to hit them first. We used a grass selective to minimise the impact to the rest of the ecosystem and spot sprayed the targeted grasses.

The second stage was to then target the Flax Leaf Broom and Bone Seed using another selective, as we were often spraying between brackern and wanted minimal dieback as that would result in more open spaces available for the Broom and other weeds to grow back into.