Spiny Rice-flower Seed Collection Update

In winter 2018 Aus Eco Solutions started our seed collection project on Spiny Rice-flowers. This is an important project for Aus Eco Solutions, as Spiny Rice-flowers are critically endangered species, with only around 20 wild populations remaining.

Since we started this project, we have removed all the bags from the Spiny Rice-flowers and collected all of the seeds. We have had great success on a number of plants, with seeds collected off individual plant as high as 277. In total we were able to collect 2931 seeds off 284 Spiny Rice-flower plants.

The next stage in the seed collection of Spiny Rice-flowers is to swap seeds with other individuals and organisations who are apart of the Spiny Rice-flower Recovery Team, that have been collecting seeds from other locations, in the hope of increasing genetic diversity among the remaining 20 wild populations of Spiny Rice-flowers.

Come back soon to check out the next stage of the Spiny Rice-flower seed collection process or to read our first blog on the collection of Spiny Rice-flowers seeds, click on the link below.